Foreign Friday: The Villainess

Screenshot of a young Asian woman leaning against a pillar.  She is dressed in black, wearing a leather jacket.  She is holding an assault rifle, pointed down towards the ground.  Her hair is in a ponytail.

Mind blowing stunts, brutal, in-your-face action, all topped off with a healthy serving of feels in South Korea's "The Villainess".

Throwback Thursday: The Terror (1963)

Poster image for The Terror.  It shows a painted rendition of Boris Karloff's face, an elderly man with harsh features.  Below his face we see a spiderweb with several attractive women caught in it.  Written in horror-stylistic writing is "Boris Karloff" and underneath that, in larger letters "The Terror".

A look back at this gothic mystery/thriller directed by Roger Corman and starring two legends, Boris Karloff near the end of his career and Jack Nicholson at the start of his.

Opinion: How the Marvel Brand is Actually Hurting Venom's Marketing Campaign

3 images.  The top image is Venom, a heavily muscled, black, humanoid creature with large eyes, fluid, liquid like skin and large mouth with pointed teeth and a long, pointed tongue dripping drool.  The bottom image is a young teen girl holding her hands to her head in distress.  She is standing in a room where faces appear to be pushing through the walls.  The third is a small colorful cartoon image of  a group of colorfully garbed superheroes smiling and making a pact with their hands

An opinion piece on how the Marvel brand and logo is negatively affecting the marketing for Venom and other non-superhero Marvel properties.

Foreign Friday: Guardians (2017)

Poster image showing the "Guardians".  The image is tinted orange.  They are standing in front of a cityscape that is in the midst of a large battle.  In the front is a man wearing a mask covering the bottom half of his face, he is holding two glowing, bladed weapons in a battle pose.  Another man with a beard is levitating rocks.  A blonde woman with glowing tattoos is looking over her shoulder at the camera.  Behind them is a heavily muscled man with the head of a bear.  He is shirtless and roaring.

Review of Russia's attempt to start their own superhero franchise. A film that, ironically, should have tried to be more Russian.